Starting something new.

I’m going to keep this short, but I do feel introductions are in order. I’ve been wanting to start a blog and to share my ideas for quite a while, but I’m an excellent procrastinator, despite my otherwise ruthless adherence to timelines and clocks. Anyhow, enough was enough, so here I am. I hope you find what I have to share useful and fun. My husband and I like to get creative with solving ‘problems’ in our home and everyday life. He is generally not a fan off purchasing something when you can make it yourself, which works in our favor most times, but can be a pain in the butt on occasion. I, on the other hand, like to keep pretty busy and enjoy throwing parties and being the center of attention (I’m an adult, so I can admit that to myself now).  So, what you’ll find on this site is a collection of various creations, events, ideas, tips, tricks, etc. You get the idea. If I’m doing something and I feel like you might like it, I’m going to (try to) post about it. I hope you enjoy the page, posts and pictures. Please leave me a comment if you have any questions or ideas for things you’d like to see.

Oh, and one last thing. About the name of this site – you probably thought, ‘that’s not right.’ I know, I know, but my husband and I both enjoy working with wood and we live with a forest as a back yard, so I’m hoping you’ll accept it. And, as I said, I like to have pun.


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