This is a throwback post. I’m probably going to have a few of these over the next week or so because I’ve recently gone back through old photos and found a lot of crafts I’ve done or parties I’ve thrown. Also, I have a few ‘irons in the fire,’ so to speak, with different ongoings in my daily life, so until those are post-ready, I’m bringing out some old goodies.

Punch-A-Present was something I decided to create for my husband’s birthday one year. I can’t really remember why, but well, it’s me and I like to do weird stuff for fun. So, the concept of Punch-A-Present is this – you punch into a hole that has slip of paper inside that leads to a prize. Whatever you find behind the hole is what you get. If you’ve ever seen The Price is Right, this should sound familiar to you, like the game called Punch-A-Bunch. Unlike in that game, you only punch one hole at a time. You could use this craft in a few ways. As I said, I used it with my husband by purchasing 6 individual gifts (you could do whatever $$ or type of gift you wanted – even like individual packs of his favorite snacks, etc.), numbering them, and then putting a number (1-6) behind each hole on the board. He then got to punch one hole a day to claim whatever gift matched the number behind the hole. You could also use this to award prizes randomly (bridal/baby shower, in a classroom, at a children’s party) or as part of a game night to pick clues for things (same concept as on Jimmy Fallon when they play Pictionary).


  • Tri-fold board (I usually pick mine up from my local Dollar Tree – it’s my jam, if you haven’t noticed)
  • Fun colors of tissue paper (or not, ya know, whatever you want to do)
  • Sticky notes
  • Marker
  • Scissors or Exacto knife + cutting mat
  • Cup or bowl with the circle size you want for your holes
  • Pencil
  • Tape (ideally something stronger than scotch, but not as strong as duct – masking, maybe?)

Layout your board. This step includes a few sub-steps:

  • Add your title – I kept it simple with ‘Punch-A-Present’ but you can write whatever you want….or…nothing at all! I recommend starting with this step for two reasons. 1. I find it easier to write on a smooth flat surface and 2. I like to base the spacing of the rest of my board on how much room is left after my title, rather than trying to fit my title in after the fact.
  • Trace & cut your holes – The trick for getting good, evenly sized circles is to trace. Find a cup or bowl that has the right size mouth and trace (in pencil). Once all your circles are laid out, you can go back through and use your scissors or Exacto knife to cut them out. Make sure to move your cutting mat as needed to avoid ruining your work surface!

Add the tissue paper. I used 6 different colors, but you could absolutely use all the same color or more of a theme. Fold your tissue paper into squares that just cover the circles with a little overlap around the perimeter. You will want to make sure you have a few layers of paper for each circle so you can’t see through, but not too many layers that it’s hard to punch through! Then, tape around the edges of the square. Be sure to tape it securely, otherwise the excitement of the punch will be lost when the fist doesn’t bust through, but instead pulls the whole thing off.

Prepare your presents. Once you’ve got your prizes or gifts ready and wrapped, use sticky notes to number them 1-6. Then, on the inside of the tri-fold side flaps, label the spaces next to the holes with sticky notes with numbers 1-6. (In my version, I made things a bit more complicated by adding little shelves on the back of the board under each row of holes. This is where I placed my numbered sticky notes so they could easily be found through the hole. This approach also gave the setup more stability, so you could go this route if you wanted. I used some foam board pieces from a sheet I bought at the Dollar Tree. I cut it into slices the same width as the main portion of the tri-fold and about the same depth as the flaps. I then used a bunch of tape to put them into place. Basically, I taped the edges of each shelf to the outer wings and taped the back of the shelf to the back of the section with the holes.) Once you’ve got your numbers in place, you’re ready to play!

I have to say, even this may seem corny or juvenile, it’s a super easy way to make someone special feel just a little bit more special / have just a little bit more silly enjoyment in life. Just go for it!


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