Gift Ideas: 33rd Anniversary

Have you ever seen those charts that tell you the traditional gift theme for each anniversary? Some even tell you the modern interpretation, like this one. Well, those are cute and super helpful when you need gift inspiration for your S.O. or another couple.

The only downside to those is they typically drop off the “in-between years” once you hit 25 or 30 (i.e. you don’t get 26 – 29 or 31-34, etc.). So, I’ve had to get creative for the last few years. We started getting anniversary gifts our parents a few yeas ago (true adulting) and my in-laws celebrated 33 years in 2017.

I took some inspiration from this chart and decided to start with the color amethyst. In its own right, a color can be tough (as opposed to a material, like wood). Rather than getting them something in purple (a vase? a blanket? matching sweatshirts?), I went with a ‘color basket.’


In the basket was:

  • Downy Unstopables Lush
  • Good & Plenty candy
  • A lavender candle
  • Gummy worms (the package was conveniently purple)
  • Mixed nuts (again, purple packaging)
  • Dried mixed berries
  • Double Bubble grape
  • Duct tape
  • A mini clipboard
  • Dove Almonds and Dark Chocolate

I wrapped the bottom of a shoe box in cute paper and lined it with purple tissue paper. Then, I placed it in a cellophane bag from the Dollar Tree (you get a two-pack for $1) and tied it with purple ribbon. Voila!

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