Gift Ideas: 34th Anniversary

If you’ve read Gift Ideas: 33rd Anniversary, you know I use a chart to get inspiration for anniversary gifts. For my in-laws 34th anniversary, though, I wasn’t loving Opal. So, I started googling and came across a cute idea: a relationship timeline-esque “poster.” That sounds way crazier than it is, but not sure how to explain it.


  • Card stock
  • Printer
  • Paper trimmer or scissors, ruler and pencil
  • 8″ x 10″ frame

Here’s what I did:

  • Get an idea of a template – I looked at a lot of ideas to determine what content I wanted to include and how to lay it out.
  • Plan your content – I included the following:
    • The year of the gift (2018)
    • How long they’ve been married (34 years)
    • How many days together (12418 – I used this calculator)
    • “Countless memories” – you could use this line or replace with something else
    • Home Sweet Home (with an image in the shape of their home state)
    • A reference to their kids (4 Amazing Children)
    • A reference to their grandkids (4 Precious Grandchildren)
    • A life filled with blessings (again, easy to swap out)
    • Their names (David & Janet)
    • Their wedding date (August 25, 1984)
  • Build your doc – I created this in Microsoft Word very simply:
    • Set 1″ margins (how to) – for an 8″x10″ frame, you need at least 1″ margins to ensure your content fits
    • Choose your preferred text & style – I chose all caps because I wouldn’t have to decide what to capitalize and what not to (can be challenging to keep consistent)
    • Add accents – I didn’t want just words, so I added the state shape (google search, no background) and the horizontals lines (how to); *tip – hold control + line to keep it straight while you change the size
    • Adjust – play with line spacing, text size, text color, line color and style blending in a 2nd font, etc.
  • Print, trim & frame –  First, I printed on thick card stock – I know it’s just going in a frame, but thick, quality paper has a nicer look than white copy/computer paper. Then, using a paper trimmer, I removed .5 inch off the bottom (my content was not centered on the page; if yours is, divide by 2 and remove .25 off the top and bottom). Finally, I trimmed .5 inch from each side to get down to 8″x10″ and placed it in my frame.

That’s it. All-in-all, a simple, yet personal gift. Consider this idea for couples at any stage in their marriage, new parents, college grads, someone retiring, or for some other celebration!

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