Cruise-themed Anniversary Party Part 9: Planning for the Day Of

One of my favorite things about throwing a party is the list-making. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. When I’m given free reign to go as crazy as I want with prep and organization… watch out. I spent the last few evenings doing just that for the upcoming party.

Once you’ve done all the tasks I’ve covered thus far (invites and guest lists and menus and activities), then it’s time for the Day Of Plan. This is your guide not only “on the day” but also leading up to the event. You should make this plan and then cross-reference it with assignments given to others and any pre-work you need to do for food or activities.

You can see my upcoming Day Of Plan here. Since we have a number of people who can help out, I broke the activities into time slots and then assigned them out based on who is doing what other tasks / what food assignments. (I removed the names for privacy reasons.) I also added a “before arrival” checklist so everyone knows what parts of their assignments need to be done before they arrive to start setting up.

Then, because I couldn’t help myself, I made individualized lists for each person that correspond to the master list. I figured it would be easier for each person to have their own list to follow vs. everyone trying to share the master. #socialdistancing

The final thing I’ll be working on this week is making “kits” that correspond to each list. This is something I highly recommend if you have others coming to help out. For example, one of my lists is focused on setting up the “Stateroom.” In the kit, I’m putting all the pieces of the Stateroom that I’m bringing or will be needed for setup (ice bucket, bottle of champagne, compliments card, Stateroom sign, roll of tape). On the list, I included owners of the other items not found in the kit and all the corresponding tasks that need to be completed for setup. I’ve found that giving another person all the supplies and information to execute takes some of the pressure off of you as the host as you’re trying to get other things done!

The individual lists will be used to build each corresponding kit this week, which I’ll then cross-reference against my master packing list (since the event isn’t happening at my house). This will ensure nothing is forgotten or missed! (This is something that has happened to me before and I end up kicking myself if/when I forget to execute one of my plans.)

Finally, I have a task list for each day this week that details any final party or food prep I need to do (like finalizing and printing menus and other paper materials, pre-making certain things, doing a final grocery run, etc.). I like this approach because, well, life. I have other commitments this week (work, a kid, chores) that still need to happen, so this approach helps me fit everything in over time vs. trying to do it all on Friday or Saturday.

So, that’s that. Lists on lists on lists. But you gotta love it when a plan comes together…See you again after the party!

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